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Why Start a Nonprofit ORganization?

Tax-Exempt Status

Nonprofits with 501(c)(3) status are exempt from federal income taxes and state sales tax. This means any purchases related to the nonprofit will be tax free. We will help you obtain 501c3 status with the IRS and further registrations with the State of Florida.

Grants & Public Funding

Nonprofits can access a variety of grants and public funding sources that are not available to for-profit entities. This can include government grants, which can provide substantial funding for nonprofit projects and initiatives.

Donations and partnerships

Donations to your nonprofit are tax-deductible, so with the right strategies, your nonprofit will be able to receive boats, planes, cars, land, and other valuables as donations. 

501c3 nonprofit vs. an llc

If you’re considering launching an LLC (Limited Liability Company) in the State of Florida to serve as a holding company or to start your business idea, consider a nonprofit organization that can also work as a nonprofit arm of the business. Nonprofits have many benefits and features of a private company. Still, they have many more benefits that attract high-net-worth individuals.

501C3 Nonprofit Organization

  • Primary Purpose: Public Good

    Dedicated to furthering a social cause or advocating for a shared point of view. Does not operate for profit.

  • Tax Exemption

    Eligible for tax-exempt status under 501(c)(3) and able to purchase items and services in the State of Florida without paying sales tax.

  • Can Operate as Separate Legal Entity

    Nonprofits can own property, invest in the stock market, have bank accounts, obtain business credit, business loans, and can do virtually anything a private company can do.

LLC - Limited Liability Company

  • Primary Purpose: Private for Profit

    Operated for profit, offering products or services with the primary goal of earning revenue for its owners.

  • No Tax Exemption

    Not tax-exempt. Profits are subject to federal, state, and sometimes self-employment taxes.

  • Can Operate as a Separate Legal Entity

    LLCs can also operate as a separate legal entity with their own bank account, they can own property, and obtain business loans and business credit.

nonprofit startup packages

Start the first step towards starting a nonprofit organization with us by selecting a package. Once you sign up, we’ll reach out to you for a personalized call and begin the process of starting your nonprofit.

NonProfit Starter Package $999

All the essentials you need to start a 501c3 nonprofit organization!


  • Launch Your Dream

    Assistance with the State of Florida corporate registration and Tax ID registration, plus a bylaws template which you'll be able to customize

  • Get IRS 501c3 Recognition

    We assist you with registering your nonprofit with the IRS and obtaining the valuable 501c3 tax-exempt status.

  • Get the guide to nonprofit growth

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NonProfit pro Package $2,499

Everything from the Starter Package, plus:

  • Online Presence

    Custom website development

  • Branding and Outreach

    Professional logo creation and a brand style guide personalized for your organization

  • Tailored strategy session

    Get a weekly session via teleconference helping you through all of your questions and organizational needs.

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With over a decade immersed in the nonprofit sector, I’ve spearheaded transformative initiatives, secured millions in grant funding, and mentored countless budding organizations to fruition. My mission? To empower visionary leaders like you to transform their charitable dreams into tangible, world-changing realities.

I began my journey as a volunteer, then as a nonprofit founder of the first coding and STEM nonprofit for youth in South Florida, quickly recognizing the immense potential — and challenges — within the nonprofit space. This realization led me to dedicate my life to mastering the intricacies of nonprofit management, from funding to operational strategies.

Today, as the founder of FLNONPROFIT.COM, I blend passion with expertise, ensuring every client benefits from my comprehensive understanding of the industry. Through bespoke consulting, I’ve assisted organizations in navigating complex bureaucratic hurdles, securing essential funding, and amplifying their impact within their communities

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Launching a nonprofit might feel like trying to piece together a complex jigsaw puzzle, especially when you’re overflowing with passion but unsure about the nitty-gritty. Feeling stuck amidst the maze of paperwork, funding hurdles, and outreach strategies is normal. If you’ve ever found yourself nodding in agreement to any of these challenges, rest assured, you’re not alone and exactly where you need to be.

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*Ready to operate while awaiting 501c3 status; donation tax benefits can be retroactive